Lorie is a graduate of Tyler Junior College and is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Texas at Tyler. Originally from Oregon, she moved to join her heart with her husband Phil, a native East Texan.


Lorie has always loved to draw and paint and has discovered that painting ON faces is a unique and fun experience! She is very excited to be a member of the JuJubilee's team and looks forward to bringing this art form to people of all ages! Her smile and sweet attitude comes at no extra charge!


Both Lorie and her daughter Maddie love getting their paint brushes into the quality products used by JuJubilee's! One day soon, Maddie may become the newest member of the artist team!


Lorie also writing, singing, hiking and dancing. A favorite of hers is windy days and of course, hanging out with her husband, daugher and their cutie-pup, Zoey.