Julia aka "JuJu" is the creator of JuJubilee's.  She has an extensive business background both in the legal field and in corporate administration.  Being a single mother for many years, she began face painting to help supplement her income.


JuJu began to work with professional cosmetic products and practiced improving her skills to a higher standard and as a result, she was able to begin her business professionally in 2009.  Welcomed by the owners of Fire Mountain Amusements to come add to the fun, JuJubilee's grew into an instant sensation all over East Texas through referrals and word of mouth.  Due to the incredible response to the artwork and professionalism offered by JuJubilee's, JuJu has hand-selected and trained a team of local artists who assist at events and private bookings.  


In December of 2010, JuJu was blessed to marry her soul mate Robert  Mauldin, Jr. (known also as Bob Mauldin).   Robert is creative and talented in his own right as the owner of a growing production company 31 West Productions.  He is also the Regional Manager of Public Relations for the only blood bank serving both large hospitals in Tyler, Carter Blood Care.  Together they have 4 wonderful boys, Jacob, Ryan, Trevor and Clay.  They enjoy living in the county of Chandler, Texas.