Aida Aguirre Garza was born and raised in Tyler, Texas and has been an artist all her life. She has a diverse skill base that stretches from paintings to ceramics. Her work in the art field is vividly showcased through her page “Paintings by Aida” where her talents are available to be commissioned for customized wall murals and canvas creations. Aida loves creating with acrylics, water colors, pastels and charcoal.


Aida is constantly expanding her creativity, thus her recent joining of the talented artist team at JuJubilee's. Her love for art is flourishing in this new venture and her daughters are really enjoying being her models for practice nights! She is excited to interact with children at parties and see how her talents are bringing so much joy through the medium of face painting.

Throughout her schooling, Aida was blessed to be able to continue her passion for art. Now that she is a wife, a mother of four beautiful children, and holds a full time position in the medical field, Aida is still making time for her true passion with art.